I have a feature request ...

I'd like to have a Linux-Version of ManicTime

<quote from Last Years Request Page: http://bit.ly/1J2m4Ns>
As often requested in the old Forum, there are quite a few People that like to see a Linux-Version of ManicTime. Main-Focus may be Ubuntu for greatest audience.
I'm a Software-Developer and currently ManicTime is the only reason I don't switch to Linux as Develoment Enviroment. Since I know ManicTime, I can't imagine to work without it ;(
At best, you can modify the Windows-Version to run on Mono (Open Source .NET-runtime environment). This may work with very little effort.
Greatest challenge would be to read address-bar of browsers on the different gui toolkits.
Thanks in advance,
Jascha Starke

In Addition: The Forum-Thread: http://forum.manictime.com/yaf_postst210_I-miss-ManicTime.aspx#post802

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We have Linux tracker (tracking apps, browser usage with our browser plugin and screenshots), Linux server and now also cloud option.
So there are two ways to use it on the Linux, either with on premise server or our cloud.

We realize that this does not satisfy everybody supporting this idea, but we need suggestions for more specific ideas.
So we suggest more specific feature ideas are opened, so we can see which features are most desired and work on that.


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