Billable tags

To mark tag as billable click on $ button next to Add tag text box.

Check $ button to mark as billable
Billable tags will be marked with a Billable label.

Tags marked with Billable label
If you want to show only billable tags type the following in filter:

Filter by billable
Similarly you can show only non billable tags by typing:
Billable label is also displayed in Recent tags menu

Billable tags on Recent tags menu
In timesheet you can include only billable tags by checking Only billable checkbox. (you can also type "label=billable" in filter)

Only billable tags on timesheet
If you have billable and unbillable tags, you can add a billable column.

Billable column on timesheet
Billable tags will also be displayed in Statistics -> Combined groups.

Billable tags in statistics

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