ManicTime was working great, then all of a sudden it stopped working...

We try our best that this does not happen, but sometimes the database can become corrupted. When this happens, usually it will affect you in one of two ways:

  • Either ManicTime crashes when you try to open it.
  • Or it crashes when you tag some time, so when data is added to the database.

If you have similar issues, then try this:

  1. Exit ManicTime if it is running by any chance (right click on ManicTime icon near the clock (system tray) and choose Exit).
  2. Download this file
  3. Extract the zip to some folder (for example to ManicTimeRepairTools folder in your Documents folder). Run ManicTimeClientTools.exe and choose Repair.
  4. Start ManicTime.

After this it usually starts working again.

If you are still having problems, then please send us an email at

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