Skype calls timeline

Skype calls timeline will show your Skype call history on its own timeline. Timeline provides information about each call’s duration, caller and whether the call was incoming or outgoing.

Each instance of Skype calls timeline is capable of retrieving calls for one of your Skype accounts.

Before you can use it, you must add the plugin to ManicTime.
To add this to ManicTime:
1. Go to Plugin manager.
2. Click on More plugins tab
3. Choose Skype Call plugin and Install.
4. Click on Restart now button at the top.

Now the timeline is available in Timeline editor:
1. Open timeline editor
2. Click Add timeline button and choose Skype Calls.
3. ManicTime will automatically try to find your Skype account and if you have multiple accounts you can choose which one you want to use.
By choosing Database path, you can also point it directly to the Skype database.

Once you finish Skype timeline should be visible on Day view.

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