Https with self-signed certificate

Warning: We strongly recommend that you get a trusted certificate.

Self signed certificates are usually used for testing, not for production, so please bear in mind that this is no a secure solution, so use it at your own discretion.

How https works

When you navigate to a https URL with a browser, browser checks the certificate's:
  1. Validity - is it past the expiration date
  2. Site name - does the certificate name matches with the site name you entered
  3. Certification authority - was it issued by an authority, which it trusts
Self signed certificate will satisfy validity and site name requirements, but not certification authority, since it was issued by your machine and not an authority, which Windows trust. Because of this, you will have to add self-signed certificate to "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" store on each machine, where ManicTime is installed and you want to send data to the server.

Creating self-signed certificate

ManicTime Server setup will create a self-signed certificate in Machine store, Personal.

On each machine, where ManicTime will be used, you must add this certificate to Trusted root, otherwise ManicTime will not be able to connect to the server. By adding it to "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" store, you are telling Windows, that you trust this certificate and with that you are satisfying the third requirement.

Once the server is installed and running, go to machine where ManicTime is running and you would like to connect it to ManicTime Server.

Trusting self-signed certificate

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the ManicTime Server's URL. It will tell you that certificate is not trusted. Proceed anyway.

Url will be red, notifying you that this certificate is not trusted.  Then click on the certificate button in the URL and click Install certificate.


Choose Local machine (if you are the only user of this machine, you can also choose Current user).

Choose "Place all certificates in the following store". Click Browse and choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

Once you are done, URL bar should be white, not red.

If this works OK, open ManicTime and Add ManicTime Server.

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